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    Two days after the trip with the S-man A friend and I ventured out to another location up river about three miles.I had to be at work at 6:30 AM so we planned a short night with a midnight deadline.We anchored up about 8:30 and pulled up at 12:10.We had 5 runs.I caught a 3.5 and a 7.7 and had another run that never materialized.My buddy had a decent run that he swung at and missed and another run that was a biggin.The fished loaded up that stiff rod and damm near jerked it out of Darrels hand.The fight was short and the fish won this time but it was a real heavy fish.All and all a pretty good night for runs with five in less than four hours-just didn't put a big one in the boat.

    A word on fishing with the S-man.I think he's got gills and radar thats tuned in to flattie frequency.We fished an area that I've fished for many years as a kid as my family and I had a river cottage just down stream and I was well aware of the depth,structure,etc and I had caught fish thru this stretch of river for over 40 years . S-man zeroed in on a spot-we set up-and as his post a couple of days ago said-it wasn't long before we had action,starting with his thirty pounder.I was lucky enough to put a couple of fish in the boat but what I got out of the deal was a much greater knowledge of flathead fishing in general and the little things that make the difference between catching fish and just fishing.It was fun.Thanks S-man.

    PS-The man does snore.
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    Gotta congrat ya on a decent night for sure. Always room to learn more on where to setup. Can never get to much knowledge thats for.

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    Ben, thanks for the props. I wish I had my video camera with us when you were fighting that first one in and you're other reel started screaming too. Ya'll shoulda seen this guy, fighting that one with one arm, reach down click the handel over on the other rod, set the hook and shove the rod at me yelling get this one!

    Had a great time Ben, we'll do it again.