Muskingum monday-June 5th.

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    Went out last night with Mrflathead even though the river gauge is at 15 feet. The river looked good ( no debris ) at 1:30pm just high water. We anchored up at 8pm in front of a massive log jamb to try an coax one out from under it. Sat there for a hour and a half, then the wood started coming downstream. The last time I looked back upstream there was a huge log as big as my boat bearing down on us. We reeled in all the rods and as I pulled up the stern anchor and the boat drifted downstream the log missed us by 6 inches. We relocated to a safer spot behind a log jamb but only had one run which I missed cause I had casted my line over a tree limb and it gave my quarry too much slack. We called it quits around 12am. No fish in the boat.The water temp was 65.7 degrees, two degrees lower than last week. The current was strong, and the water muddy. Lots of logs and wood coming downstreaam.
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    I went to the Ohio River, last Wednesday, and there was quite a bit of drift in it too, the water will be down soon..Hopefully

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    Skip your a braver man then me. I'm still waiting on the river to drop. Looks like I maybe waiting till august if it doesn't stop raining every week.
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    Wow, glad that log missed ya. Better luck next time, everything is flooded around here.