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    Well the fish of 10,000 casts exists in Missouri and doing very well! My wife and I usually bass fish all morning at Pomme De Terre and have lunch and then go trolling for whatever just ot be able to be on the water for the remaining part of the day.
    We have discovered that Muskie are very cooperative during the middle part of the day and hit trolled crank baits through May-June and July. Now remember, this is the part of the day that you have trouble catching bluegill let alone a fish as large as a Muskie. This year we have caught 23 fish ranging from 32" to 43". Not bad for just putting around a lake enjoying the beautiful day and maybe a cold beer or two:embarassed:
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    Ahh you've revealed a secret of the secret sport!

    Remmber- the hotter it is outside, the bigger the lure and the faster you ought to troll.

    I even have succesfully used a 17 inch jointed creek chub at 7 nph in 20 FOW and landed a 29 incher... just playing with the biggest lure I got. That was an 85 degree day just before a big storm.

    Once I got caught in weeds with a 9 inch straight rapala and reeled in fast to clear the hooks of debris. 5 feet from the boat I hooked into a 12 inch muskie that swallowed that 9 inch lure to the 2nd set of hooks.

    Theyre mean mean! The feraris of the water! Freshwater Barracuda.


    Aint they a blast???