Mushrooms at Perry Lake!

Discussion in 'LOCAL KANSAS TALK' started by deerhunter56, Apr 5, 2007.

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    Well me and my girlfriend, and her dad and aunt all went out to Perry Lake last night and went mushroom huntin man they were poppin like crazy but i got a few but then i couldnt get anymore because i went into some bad pains so i stopped and me and my girlfriend went back to the car... well my girlfriends dad and aunt continued lookin and then came back and went to another spot and then they took me to the emergency room... we ended up getting about 5 pounds i dont know if that was much but it was good for me considering it was my first time lol!!! and about my pain... that was the worst pain in the world made me fall down and cry a little bit which is unusual considerin im 14 lol but still... it ended up being kidneys or sumthin like that... i couldnt pain attention i was in pain!!! lol GET OUT THERE AND GET YOU SOME MUSHROOMS YA'LL!!!
  2. Sounds like a kidney infection or kidney stones. Both can be very painful. Hope you are feeling better and I hope you get out and harvest some of those mushrooms.

    We are getting snow in central Kansas today, bout 6 inches of the white stuff in April. Go figure... makes me wonder how the mushrooms and the fish will take the cold.

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    yes well once again i ended up in bad pains but this time it was all over my body and i was tired sore worn out and felt defenseless well went to the ER once again but it was takin to long so i went to a different one and they said it was just a viral infection... but come on guys your heart and body cannot hurt like that... especially when you are only 14!!! god these doctors do not know anything but yea cant wait to get back out and get some more mushrooms it did not snow here yet today but we will see what tommorraw brings... mushroom hunting is so fun lol