Muddy Run Rec. Lake In Southern Lancaster County

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    Greensburg, PA
    I was wondering if anyone has fished this lake for catfish? It's not that far from where I live but for some reason I only been there once. I usually hit other lakes or rivers. Where is a good place to go for shore or boat fishing (I do mostly shore fishing) at the lake. Is the catfishing good there? The one time I did go I got just 1 channel cat that was not big at all.

    Thank you
  2. River Hobo

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    I was there yesterday, I caught three trout doing what I like to refer to as catfish pratice. I fish a sliding type sinker above a barrel swivel with a leader on the other end with some sort of stinky bait. In this case it was Yellow Power Bait. Then I cast, put my rod in a holder and enjoy a cigar till the fish bite. I caught three in about two hours, which I thought was not too bad considering the amount of kids that where there throwing rocks in the water.
    As I was sitting there pondering catfishing my thoughts were that the reservoir side probably holds much bigger cats than the lake side but you can only fish a small portion of that and no boats are allowed. Not to mention the park closes at sunset. I would imagine that if you were to camp there that they don't keep you away from the water after dark, but I certainly can't say for sure. I've been places they've had sillier rules.