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muddy Mo.

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I would like to say hello and thank you, I am fishing flat heads on the big muddy 30 miles north of the Omaha Council Bluff area any help or ideas would be great
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i use to fish the racoon river in central iowa growing up. i dont know what you use for bait but we always had the best luck catching the monsters with little bullheads. use a three way with a foot of line on each eyelet and hook the the bullhead right behind the dorsal fin. of corse fish the holes but cast right in the cross current. you can try cutting off the horns but we never did. blue gill always work well too. try setting some throw lines with differnt bait to see what they like.

good luck
So how's the fishing been on the Missouri in iowa this year? Do you guys mostly catch blues or flats up there?
sorry it took so long to get back, the flatheads seem to outnumber the blues up our way. I am still learning the game of putting the bait in the correct place in this fast water. I have had a few large fish hooked up, but they make run down a wing dike and the power pro line 65 lbs test wont hold up to the rocks. Maybe some day the good lord will let me land one of those big ones. I have caught alot of 40 plus pound fish on sets, but wheres the fun in that.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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