Mud Leeches For catfish Bait?

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by shortshank, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. shortshank

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    One of the other threads a question about craw daddies for bait was talked about and I got to thinking we also used leeches. Anyone else have any luck using those blood sucking little baits? We bought them by the dozen and cut them into sections about 1/2 in. or smaller. Put them on a single hook and catch 3-4 fish off the same bait.
  2. AllenM

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    I tried 'em in Kentucky a time or two I think, but don't recall them working very well. I used them whole though, and didn't know much about fishing for anything but bass back then.

  3. Redtick

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    Neoga, Illinois
    I have caught lots of big channels on mud leechs. They are especially effective used on bank poles. A small piece of mud leech will catch a big channel, especially during flood/high water times. I have used the same piece of leech for over a month and caught big channels on it the whole time. It is a very cost effective way to bait trotlines and bank poles. They work on rod and reels also, but not as well as bank poles.
  4. LarryW

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    Abbeville Louisiana
    When I had a bait shop in Illinois I sold a lot of leaches. I never tried them my self but a lot of people used them as there only bait of they could get them.
  5. ohiohawghunter45067

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    Trenton, Ohio
    i use them alot but i tip mie with nightcrawler as well the flats love em that way