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    Bite has been good on Mtn Island for the month of July. Been going out before work once a week with some overtime build up. July 23 caught 15+ cats in the 2-8 pd range and one 10pd flathead.

    Yesterday morning (7-30-09) landed 15-20 cats in the 2-6 pound range plus landed a 24 pd flathead that hit the bait like a big blue. I was very suprise to see a flathead on the hook.

    All fish caught between 7-9:30am drifting using mostly left over stripper parts and herring. Caught all in 20-30 ft range while drifting. Earlier in the month I was landing larger size blues. Don't know what is different. Hopefully I will find some time one weekend to figure it out rather than having to worry about getting to work.

    Is anyone else doing as well or better on Mtn Island?
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    Thanks for the report Rob. I gotta get back over there and do some driftin.:cool2: working all this weekend and about to go crazy.

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    "....Is anyone else doing as well or better on Mtn Island?..."

    I fished there two days in July on the 20th and 21st. I caught nine fish the first day and 19 the second. It took a while to figure out where the fish were the first day, and the second day they were in the same general depth range, which was 29-32 feet then.

    Creeks and coves did not produce fish, nor did the river. Everything was assoicated to the river channel. No fish as big as your flatheads though. All were 3-8 pound blues.