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    I took two of my neighbors boys out fishing with me who have been wanting to fish with me for a while before going back to their mothers house. So I taught them how to catch some white perch and then went to catch some cats.

    We started about 8pm and finished about 10:45pm. The bite was very slow and we only caught 6 fish threw the night. The first one was a small gar. The next two where cats between 4-7 pounds. Then after dark we got a double. 25.5 and a 15.5 blue cats. About 30 mins later we ended up with a 16.5 blue cat. I just about crapped when the 25.5 came to the surface in the dark. I thought I just guided a 13 year old boy to a larger fish then my best. Even if it was, the feeling that I had that night and all week would of been worth it. I don't think the boys have wipped the smiles off their faces yet according to their dad and step mom. Coleman 25.5 cat 8-17-09.jpg

    Mat 16.5 cat 8-17-09.jpg

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    that was a good deed taking two kids fishing and getting them on fish the memorie of the smile last a long time for you and even longer for them y,all caught some nice ones
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    Congratulations, I hope to see you out there. Looks like you had a great trip.