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  1. barry

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    What a night!!!
    Went to mt Storm lake the other night. wanted to give the new(to me)boat a shakedown. 3 of us and 10 lbs. of chicken liver.Mt Storm is known for 1000's of stunted channels, we proved that it is.
    Got on the lake at 4pm to check out the boat and fishfinder before dark. We cruised to the head of the lake, about 3 miles and saw many fish on the finder, sometimes by the 100s on one screen,caught a few fish.
    Around dark we decided to return to near the put in and set up to fish.
    All #ell broke lose!!!!!!!!!
    By midnight we had gone through #10 of chicken liver and released over 100 cats from 6 to 20 in. Not much for size but talk about action!
    Great place for eaters, some of the cleanest water in West Virginia.
    If you ever find yourself in the area of Mt Storm by all means stop and fish,
    This is a great place to take the kids and introduce them to catfishing, they will NOT get bored and have a great time!
    Just a note about Mt Storm!!
    This is a cooling lake for the Mt Storm power Plant and it is appropriately named the lake can and does get wild and wet ,it is high in the mountains and conditions can change very quickly, fog almost all nights, take a GPS and use it , wind can produce 4ft white caps very quickly.
    If you are coming this way give me a PM and I will tell you where to fish Mt Storm.
  2. DeerHunter01

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    Congratulations Barry, glad to see you catching them.

  3. buschlight

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    good to see the fishin has not changed since last year. have never been to mt. storm and went home disappointted. not alot of size but the numbers make up for it. ever try the river channel for walleye early in the year? caught several 18 - 22 inchers up there last spring.
  4. barry

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    Never fished for walleye there guess we will try that the next time, heard BIG splashes all night and was told that they were stripers.
    Where I want to go is up on Stoney river from mt Storm to Old Stoney river dam. There used to be some BIG trout, but getting through the Rhodies from the old road is a real pain. Now with the boat I can bypass them and work my way on the rocks up the river.:)
  5. Fishingbutcher

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    Hey Barry,

    Mount Storm looks great for a first-time catter like myself - my buddies and I are looking to come down to West Virginia for a little catfishing and I have read some great things about Mount Storm. Is there anywhere to camp on the lake, or at least nearby ?

    Since I am a rookie at the cattin' game, Mount Storm sounds like a good place to start. Heard there are some wipers and largemouths available as well. Looks like chicken liver is the ticket there; I have had some luck using bacon on the rivers back home, but only a few channels and tons of bullheads up here.

    Have a great one,
  6. 1sporticus

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    I was in the area last Oct. 05, and went over to the Mt.Storm lake. I was wishing I knew someone in the area then. I had talked to a few guys who was coming in from the lake, and they had a bunch of 2=5lbs channels. Nice looking lake. Andy
  7. D'Atri

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    BARRY i am gonna head up to mt. storm this coming sunday probably around 5 or 6 in the evening an do some shoreline or boat dock catfishing being that i dont have a boat i dont have many options so i was curious to see if you had any idea where any good spots to catch a good bit of cats from the shoreline would be...
  8. crcanter

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    Bringing an old thread back to life... anyone fish Mt. Storm recently?

    I may be in the area soon & would like to know if it would be worth my time to bring the boat along. I have access to a cabin near the lake & would like to try for some eaters while I'm up there.