Mt. Rushmore of Sports Indiana Edition

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    I dont know if anybody has seen it, but ESPN is doing a Mount Rushmore of Sports. They let the fans pick out the top 4 sports icons in their state and then picked the top 5 states. The person did not have to be born in the state, but could of. Example: John Wooden was born in Indiana and played at Purdue but he is also known for coaching UCLA. So conceivably he could have been on two list. Indiana did not make the list (I think it should have). But I also dont think we picked the best four for our list. Ours are:
    Larry Bird
    Bobby Knight
    John Wooden
    Peyton Manning

    I think Peyton should have been left off in favor of Oscar Robertson. The man averaged a triple double for a season! And he helped desegragate bball teams in the state.

    But I was just curious who your top four are?