Mt. Island Lake Tournament Results

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    Mt. Island Lake Tournament Results
    Anglers were greeted with 18 degree temperatures as they set out on Mt. Island Lake in search of the monster blue cats that are known to be caught there. Winds remained mostly calm and temperatures climbed into the 40's under blue bird sky's. As is usually the case on Mt. Island Lake, some found the lakes treasures quickly and easily while others spent the day searching for two good fish.

    In the end Rob McHenry and partner Lindsay Bigham brought back not only the best weight for two fish at 46 pounds, but they also captured the big fish points for the tournament. Their 28.2 pound big fish helped to catapult them into first place in the Carolina Catfish Club 2008 point standings.

    The team of Kevin Custer and Jerry Hilderbran made their first appearance of 2008. They lived up to their reputation as a dominant force on Mt. Island Lake and came in second place with 36.2 pounds and a big fish of 24.8 pounds.

    Next, Carolina Catfish Club tournament anglers will visit Badin Lake for the first time in club tournament competition on December 13th.

    2008 Points Standings After Two Events
    1st Place: Rob McHenry / Lindsay Bigham - 20 points
    2nd Place: Cary Vanden Broecke/ Matt Barrett - 14 points
    3rd Place (tie): Rodger Taylor - 10 Points
    3rd Place (tie): Dieter Melhorn / Mac Byrum - 10 points
    5th Place: Kevin Custer and Jerry Hilderbran - 8 points
    6th Place: Jeff Manning - 4 points
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    Great job guys! Glad to see everyone was safe on the water and had a great time. CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS.:big_smile:

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    Congrats Rob and Lindsay,that was a nice 2 fish stringer:wink:
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    Congrats Rob and Lindsay!!!! GREAT job! That'll learn 'em, eh? :wink:

    BTW: Congrats to ALL who participated during these very tough, cold conditions. Everyone who participated is a "winner" in my book!

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    So tell me. Was it cold? LOL! Congrats to all that survived. LOL!
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    It was cold. I had my snow boots and bibs on. My boat didnt want to start up and I flooded it. I let it sit for about ten minutes.
    When I went back-My clumsy butt tripped over the rail stepping off the dock with them big boots on and face planted on the throttle stick and accross cooler seat. I was glad to get up and find everything still working, lol.
    Glad no one had a camera rolling as I would have ended up on video somewhere.
    With pictures of dnf in my mind and unknown sore places, the Boat cranked up and had a great day!