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    Alright fella's I am going to get to fish the river around Rosedale in December is there any use? Do you think the fish will bite at that time of year? Also if there is a chance of catching a good fish where is a good place to go without too much current? It will be my first time on the river and I have read enough on here to know it can be dangerous, I don't want to push my luck the first time out. Any help[ would be appreciated. I am just a little cautious but all these pictures are killin me I have got to try it... Thanks
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    Greenville , Ms
    i'd say yes u should fish rosedale in december.... the ms state record blue came outa rosedale in a february.......i suppose u will launch at logloader chute or what is called rosedale port now.......if u will pm me your email address i can send u a map with some fishing locations on it....... BUT, u will have to deal with fishing current.......... that's the best i can do..... good luck.....