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    caused me to remember one of my own.
    I had to re-do some wiring for my livewell pump in my bass boat one time so I removed the cover down in the bottom of the boat to do so.

    I didn't immediately put the cover back on so if I had future problems I could fix them easily.

    I went fishing one time and water started coming in throughthe drain in the bottom of the boat.

    I'm thinking you big dummy forgot to put the plug in.

    but I didn't

    My gallon of oil had fallen into the cavity and broken my freshwater pump.
    You know that fresh water pump is basically a hole in the back of your boat.

    I had to whittle a stick to plug the hole enough so I could keep fishing, then run the bilge to pump the water out.

    so if you remove the cavity cover, replace it or move your oil :)
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    Good advice. Sounds like you had a real mess.