Mp3 players? Anybody using them?

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Catcaller, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. Catcaller

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    I'm sometimes slow to jump onto the technical bandwagon when it comes to aquiring new gadgets...but this one is becoming tempting to me.

    For Christmas I bought my son a 4 gb Apple I-Pod Nano...and my daughter got a 4 gb Microsoft Zune. Both play videos as well as music.

    The Zune also has an FM receiver....the I Pod does not.

    Wouldn't have much use for the video part...but it is nice to be able to see what your choices are.

    My wife and I set up the Zune. It had to have a download from Microsoft to start it up. The Apple was already set up.

    Once we got the Zune going everything was is a really nice unit...but is more complex to operate than the I Pod is.

    I'm thinking that I'll get me one for my birthday in April...and download every song I ever liked...the larger 30 GB units will hold 10,000 songs plus...and use it at work since I'm off all by myself most if not all the time.

    I'd probably even use it while fishing alone sometimes. True...silence is golden when outdoors...but I don't see a problem with fishing while also listening to Metallica griding out a killer rift to "Sad but True"...or Hank Jr. sing "A country boy can survive"... Hank Sr. Singing "Kawliga"....or Patsy Kline swooning.... "Goin' out a' walkin' after Midnite..."

    What are the devices that 'yall are listening to??

    I need ideas for my next big purchase! I'm kinda at a loss when it comes to things like this...and any help is appreciated!

    I do imagine I'll get a larger one than the 4 GB that I got for my kids...probably 30 GB or so.

    I'll also be getting the Bose in ear noise cancelling speaker phones. (Have to have hearing protection at work...and I already have an mp3 capable OSHA approved 85 decibel fm receiver that clips onto my belt)

    Not really committed to a certain brand...but do want video FM tuner...combined with ease of use...dependability...and a price tag of $200 or less.

    Does this critter exist??
  2. ozzy

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    Lost Wages
    I have a Sony Walkman 2GB. with FM radio. I have almost 1000 songs on it. I just put in random and dont hear the same song for a week. Great for fishing.

  3. Katmandeux

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    Checotah, Oklahoma
    Are you the same guy that doesn't want change in country music?

    I sure miss AM.:wink:
  4. rzrbk24

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    I have a SanDisk Sansa E260 4gb that I got from Dell for $120. They have an 8gb too, maybe bigger, I don't know. It has video, FM and is really easy to use. You don't need to download anything unless you put video or pictures and even then it comes with the program you need
  5. BKS72

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    Check out TigerDirect. We got the me and the kids MP3 players from there for about $15 or $20 each. They don't have huge storage, couple of gigs, but that's several hundred songs. They have the FM tuners and are actually pretty cool. Not sure what kind of work you do, but if there's any chance of it getting smashed at work or going in the drink while fishing, the $20 options are cool.

    Also, you don't have the hassle of having your music changed all into Apple's proprietary file type.:big_smile:
  6. Catcaller

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    So far we haven't had any problems downloading music off of Limewire for free...and then dragging the song(s) over to the I-Tunes or Zune websites.

    I've been sitting around for 2 days now downloading music from Limewire to load onto their Mp3 well as making a list of my own for when I decide what kind I'll be getting.

    We've put probably 150 songs thus far on my sons...and 40 or 50 on my daughters.

    My list? Lol...I have close to 500 thus far...and havent even looked at comedy yet.
  7. FS Driver

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    i got my son the 80gig zune for christmas and before purchaseing that i read and talked to people and for the price to me anyway it was worth getting the biggest they had since you were looking at a a few dollars more and better than double the capacity.
    i inherited a little phillips brand 1 gig player and like previously stated i wouldn't trust my work environment to take anything costly and risk it
    being destroyed or stolen .
    i was checking out the sansa's and a couple others for younger son now
    for his birthday comeing up.
    that zune and the case for it was all he got from me for christmas .
    it was enough LOL luckily momma got him drawers socks and cologne:wink:
    i will be lookin for me one on ebay . they are pretty neat .
    i also would like to find one with AM FM i havent heard my favorite talk show in 5 months due to no radio in trucks
    at least i got heat and defrost now thats all that counts .:cool2:
  8. SkipEye

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    Winfield, MO
    I recently bought the Ipod Touch 16 gb. But at $400.00 it's a bit over (double) your stated price range. The coolest thing other than being able to put Catfish videos on it is that I can surf on BOC or anywhere on the net as long as there is a wi-fi signal available. I also currently have 8 full length movies, 90 or so music videos and still have a bunch of room left. I also can carry around pics of my biggest catfish to show to anyone who will look. LMAO! The screen size is awesome too.

    It's cool!
  9. Catcaller

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    I've been checking out the Sony and Dell units online.

    those two have piqued my interest so far. I've also been looking at Zune, Apple, Samsung, Sandisk, ect.

    There are so many models out there to choose from.

    What about these refurbished units? They as good as new?