Moving to NW Mass. for Summer

Discussion in 'LOCAL NEW YORK TALK' started by mhbomber, Feb 14, 2009.

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    I know this is the New York forum, but it is the closest to Mass. I will be living in North Adams, the northwest corner of Mass for the summer. Does anyone know if there is any good fishing up that way? How about anywhere in NY near the border? Thanks!
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    You might not get an answer here too quickly. I don't think I've seen many members up that way.

    It appears to me, that catfishing stinks in the New england area. Channels are scarse and where present invasive. According to the Mass fishing commission; the connecticut river is really the only place is mass to catch them.

    The best new england catfish is a smallish fish called the white catfish. It is known to be more tolerant to brackish water, more of a dayfeeder. They grow bigger than than a bullhead, but from what I've heard, not much. 5# max.

    If I moved to mass; I would still catfish, but I wouldn't do it with the heavy equiptment. get a lite spinning bass rod and a 2-3# catch is fun!

    Good luck in your quest to find good catfishing options. Depending on how far you live from NY the lower Hudson has some channels as does lake champlain. (but remember that channels can't stand brackish water)... Champlain has some real big ones up to 20#... but as I recall in the 1-2 I've been that way; it would be a real Drag to drive from anywhere in Mass to Champlain.

    Here is a link to some very basic catfish info in Mass; there's not much Too it. Perhaps some surfing will dig up more. at least, by surfing you should be able to get more information about white cats...

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    New York
    I am not to close to the border but we fish lake Champlain for cats. And sometimes the hudson river. In the lake the largest we have caught was 25 lbs. We get a good number from 8 tho 16 lbs. In the river the biggest I have got was 13 lbs.