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Discussion in 'LOCAL KENTUCKY TALK' started by shortbus, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. shortbus

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    I'm thinking of making a move to kentucky this year. My parent's own a mobile home on kentucky lake near Benton (around the Moore's Resort). My only problem is finding work there. I have heard it is very hard to find a job in Benton and I would have to look in Paduca or Murray. I could maybe get a job at the resort where our R/V is untill I found something but I would like to start right up on a job when I move.
    What are some of the most common job openings in this area? Anyone know of any openings??? I'm highly skilled in fabrication,welding,machining. Please keep your eyes and ears open for me!!
  2. Majesticman

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    You might try Fast Eddies store south of Draffenville. It's a friendly place and I would say they need help this time of year.

  3. shadow

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    Try Benson Co. in Cadiz. They are a new outfit that is making flatbed trailers for big rigs. It would be a bit of a drive from Benton, but might be worth it.