Moving to Gulfport in Oct

Discussion in 'LOCAL MISSISSIPPI TALK' started by petedawg, Jul 9, 2006.

  1. petedawg

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    and was wondering if there are any good cat waters close by ? Any help would be appreciated,Thanks.
  2. teaysvalleyguy

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    GC, OHIO
    Good luck on the move brother and thanks for serving your country. I really appreciated all you soldiers do.

  3. Captain Kilowatt

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    Hello Pete. I come from a military family and spent my time in the 70's in myself so I'm also aware of what it's like moving to new places. We have tons of great fishing around Gulfport. Most freshwater fishermen don't take long to try the other route also (saltwater) seeing that we are right here on the Gulf of Mexico. The fishing "out front" as they call it has been really bad lately. First of all, all the structure out there is gone. No one can find it. You can fish all day long out front but if you can't find structure where the fish hang out........ good luck. Of course there are rivers that lead into it where the water is brackish (salt-fresh) combined. It gets fresher the farther away from the gulf you get. The Pascagoula River, Wolf River, Tchoutacabufa (SP) etc. There's also the Jordan River which separates Miss from Louisiana. Great fishing there but you better know where you're going and stay on the correct half if you only have a Ms license lol. I fish for anything biting lol. I've seen some awesome cats pulled from all these places. Of course you also have some really nice lakes, resevoirs and farm ponds (my favorite). Flint Creek in Wiggins, Paul B Johnson closer to Hattiesburg, Lake Perry. It won't take you long to figure out where to go for what. In no time at all you'll be back to catchin and fryin lol. Good Luck!
  4. petedawg

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    and i may have too talk your ear off a little dave when i get down that way:0a23:
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    Good luck on the move I am sure there are some brothers of the BOC to get you pointed in the right direction.