Moved into the house!

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by AllenM, Jun 28, 2006.

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    Well, we've been in the process of moving into the house I was wanting here in Orland, and have been off line for about a week now, which is why I've not been posting. Nice to be back on line, but boy, we got a LOT of work stil ahead of us in this move. Wasn't in the budget to get a rental truck between pay days, and we've got til the first to be out of the apartment and not being charged rent on the house til then anyhow, so we enlisted Becca's dad and his pick-up to haul the stuff that wouldn't fit in the family car. With Becca's work schedule and me being stuck at home without the car and two boys to watch, who by the way are getting themselves in NO END of mischief, it's been a rough week!

    Another interesting thing this week, Becca was talking with a regular customer of hers at the store and he needed to find a good home for his dog, a 3 year old pure bred English Boxer, so we got him for free!! He's awesome with the kids and fairly well trained (sit, stay, etc...), so that worked out great. The only problem in my book is that his name is Tyson (I don't like the man who he's named after).

    Anyhow, back to dealing with the boys and trying to find the box with the toaster in it!!

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    Allen, Congrats one the new house. I know moving is a pain, but when its all done, I'm sure you will enjoy it!

    Good Luck with the boxer. If ya dont like his name, just change it! If hes a real boxer, I'm sure he'd never notice. lol:big_smile:

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    Congrats on the new place hoss, glad ya got settled in.
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    CONGRATS on the house
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    congrats on the new house. from the thread I thought maby u been in doghouse lately but glad I was wrong!!!:embarassed:
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    Congrats on the house and I hope you get it all organized soon.
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    Thanks everyone! I think we're getting the last of it movedtoday andBecca will be doing the rest of thecleaning of the old apartment with a friend of hers. She promised that I could go fishing tonight, so we'll see if it works out. I'll get pics up as soon as I can.

    As for changing Tyson's name, we wanted to start calling him Jake, but after half a dozen times of calling him that Becca insisted that he's not going to take to it, although I have to disagree. A lost dog going in to a new home learns to come to anew name, so why couldn't this one? Oh well, I can live with "Tyson" I guess. LOL!
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    congrats on the new house, and wait till the boys really start finding things to get in to.:lol:
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    Congrats on your new house. Now the fun begins. Grass mowing and weeding. a whole lot of Honeydos, lol:big_smile: You will love it. There is nothing like having your own place.
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    Already had to block up a hole in the fence and fix the drain under the kitchen sink, LOL!! Becca's already told me that she wants me to build some shelves, too, and of course my imidiate response was "You mean I get to buy some power tools then?", and she said yes, so I can handle that! ROFLMAO!!!
    Gonna have to borrow a mower from her dad for the front yard, but I'm thinking of renting a tractor and discing the whole back yard to plow the weeds under good and deep before I plant grass and a nice big garden out there. Gonna build the boys a sand box to play in out there where it stays shady too. Nothing but dried up fox tails and various weeds out back at the moment, but at least the owner cut them all down before we moved in so I won't have to do much out there for a while.

    I'm still just diggin' on the size of my new work shop! I LOVE it! :big_smile:
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    Becca called from work this morning... The sale of the Orland store is going through and she will be getting TRANSFERRED to a store in Redding within the next week or so. No idea how long she'll be working there, but the manager of the store she'll be going to is going to have surgery so she'll be acting as interim manager while he's out and then staying on there for additional management training when he returns for an undetermined amount of time. This means working in Redding 5-6 days a week, and being on call as the manager on her day (or days) off, in case of a situation, until the real manager returns, then being the 2nd contact if he can't be reached after he's back on the job. they've promised to make the pay worth it, but we're now looking at moving all over again possibly within the next month or two!! :sad2: the alternative is that she drive about an hour each way most days, and then two or three nights a week she gets a hotel room up there to avoid that extra 2 hours on the road and use that time to catch up on sleep!

    When her training is "complete" they will likely give her a store in either Red Bluff, or Anderson. We're thinking that if she can get assured of a management position in an Anderson store in the end, it would be best... Then we could just go ahead and find a place to move into up there as soon as possible, and not have to worry about moving back after 6 months or so of training so she could work in Red Bluff, rather than deal with her working up there and living down here for 6 months and then possibly having to move up there in the long run anyhow, since we don't know which areashe'll be perminently assigned to in the long run. I just wish we could get some solid answers as to where we're gonna end up in the long run so we can find a place, move in, and get comfortable without wondering what store they'll send her to next!! :angry: At this point, I almost don't care which area, if they would just nail it down and tell us one or the other! Of course, having lived in Anderson when I was a baby, and as much as I like it up there compared to this area for several reasons aside from nostalgia, I'm really hoping we get to move up there for keeps. Having my choice of 3 big lakes and any number of streams and rivers to go fishing in would be SWEET!!

    Anyhow, just had to vent and thought I'd share the latest update on this drama... Starting to feel like a soap opera, GEEZ!! :crazy:
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    Good grief, Allen! you have my sympathy:crazy:
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    Wow Allen, sounds like ya might be moving again soon. Hopefully they will make the pay worth it like they said. If she pays for Motel make sure she saves receipts, she can use em as tax write offs. Miles as well most of the time.

    Good luck hoss, hope it all pans out for ya the best.
  14. AllenM

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    Thanks, guys... This situation is getting really rediculous at this point... I'm frustrated beyond belief!! I had misgivings about moving when things got put all up in the air the first time, and suggested that we just move to Anderson or Redding instead so we wouldn't have to move twice, but then the buyer backed out of escrow on the store and I thought things would be good to go for moving in here after all. Then as soon as the carpets were done here and we got the okay to move in and started preparing to do so, the buyer decided to take the store after all and we were back up in the air again, but Becca was only supposed to have to work in Redding for a few weeks so we went ahead and got moved in rather than lose the place to another renter cause we liked it so much. Now that the "training time" has turned into an all out "transfer" up to Redding, and there's no telling how long she'll be assigned there, or where she'll be assigned when it's all said and done, we're back to square one! :angry:

    Heck, the way things are going with this move, we STILL gotta finish cleaning the apartment, and I gotta shampoo the carpets over there today... Didn't get to go fishing last night like I was supposedto and got a rain checvk to do it thisevening, but looks like that won't fly either at this point. I just hope to God that we can get the last of it done today and I'll get to do some fishing tomorrow after she gets home from work! I'm starting to jones here!! It's been over a week since I had a fix!! LOL!! :crazy:
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    You don't like chicken???? The only MAN I can think of offhand is the guy from Tyson Chicken

  16. AllenM

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    LOL! Nah, the (un)professional fighter, Mike Tyson. I just hope this dog don't go biting off anyones ear!! :crazy:

    Been thinking about taking him fishing with me when I go out for cats at night by myself though, considering the recent cougar activity in N. Cali! Two people have had the dang things in their back yards so far this month! I know there were a few sightings up at Black butte last year around Grizzly Flats at the S. end of the lake. Generally, a grown man can scare off a cougar, especially if there is an abundance of easier prey about the area, but the last known fatal attack was just a few years ago, down in Orange County, where a 35 year old man was killed by one. It's recommended not to go out into the kinds of places I fish alone for that reason... Tyson might just turn out to be an asset when I have no one to go fishing with! LOL!
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    Well, I went over to the apartment to load up the lasty of our stuff to haul over here, start the carpet cleaning and last bits of cleanup work, and finally haul the boat over here now that Becca's dad picked up a trailer hitch to do it for me... My friend Jeff was supposed to tow it over here for me last week end, but he's been going through some personal problems and hadn't been around to do it. Becca told me a couple days ago she'd asked one of the few people in the world that I can truly say that I "hate" to do it, which ticked me off pretty good, but she insisted she'd not seen any other options at the time. (I promptly presented a few, up to and including pulling here by hand!!)

    Well, low and behold, last night it seems someone snatched my electric trolling motor, battery, bow lights, sensor and wiring for my fish finder, and had started removing my rod holders!! Called the cops and reported it, but doubt I'll ever get any of it back. To make it worse, when I told Becca, she decided to tel me that Tommy (the guy she'd asked to tow it) had told her that day that he'd gotten a new boat himself (which was brought her to ask him to move mine over here I guess) and he'd made what she THOUGHT AT THE TIME were joking comments about "now knowing where to steal all the stuff he needs for his new boat"!! Boy, I'm so mad I could just about go over there myself and do something I'd REALLY regret later!! Good thing I took my meds today, I'll say that much! I'm letting the cops handle it! If they go over there and find my electric motor on his boat I'll tell you what though... I'll see his butt in jail over it at the very least!! :angry:

    Between dealing with the cops and getting the last of the stuff out of the apartment (a lot more stuff than I'd thought was still there as it turns out!) I never even got a chance to START the cleaning! Now I have to figure out how to get the place vaccuumed andshampooed and get the shampooer back between the time Becca gets home from work and the time it's due back, which will be between 30 minutes to an hour, OR figure out how to watch both my boys WHILE cleaning the apartment, neither of which seems physically possible to me!

    And as a last tag for the day, Becca informed me that she was told tonight that she'll be assigned to Redding for a year, which means we'll definately have to move up to that area, HOWEVER, she'll most likely get assigned to a store in Red Bluff after that year is up, wich means moving BACK down here again!!

    I'm gonna have to increase the dossage on my meds I think! All I know is that one way or another, tomorrow evening, I'm going fishing!!!
  18. AllenM

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    Turned in the keys to the old apartment today. Still waiting to find out where Becca will get assigned after Redding, but she'll definately be assigned in Redding for about ayear it looks like, starting probably thisweek or next. We're looking for a place up there now and might be getting into a 3 bed 2 bath townhouse with a yard and a garage for about $750/month. I just hope that she gets assigned to Anderson after Redding so that we don't have to pick up next year and move back down here for her to work in Red Bluff!

    No word from the cops yet on the theft I posted about above. I'd sure like to kick the crap outa they guy who did it though!! Still mostly ticked off about the sensor to my fish finder cause it'll cost me a fair bit for a new setup and they have no dang use for it without the monitor section anyhow!!

    I'll update this thread as things progress.