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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by smokey, Aug 23, 2007.

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    Sure!, We pick the hottest time of the year to move.Its been 3 week and been over 100 for 20 days.We now live on the river, Not right on the river but real close.The move took a toll on both of us.One thing about living off the beaten path is that you dont make too many friends.My wife and I made this move one truck at a time maybe two loads a day. last week I felt a little dizzy and stopped in to see the Doc. My B/P was 102/50. He told me to take 3 days off and stop taking my b/p pills.I rested two days and went back at it.Debi is getting ready for her bypasses the 5th of Sept.We hope to have the house in order by then.She will be in the hosp. 10 days at least.and then it will nurse Smokey taking care of her.It dosent look like I will be fishing for sometime.Thats okay fish will be bigger by then. Smokey
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    glad your doing better man,i hope you get some fishing time soon it'll help with the b.p. and get your catch meter going again after moving everything seems like a chore so relax when you can and ihope you like the new house better. :big_smile:

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    Glad to see ya got moved in and hooked back to the net. You and your wife are still in our prayers for a succesful bypass surgery and a quick recovery. You'll be back fishing before you know it.