Mounting trolling motor on the bow?

Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by KansasKatter, Dec 13, 2006.

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    What is the best way to mount a transom mount trolling motor on the bow of a jon boat? Or is there any "good" way? I have an almost new transom mount trolling motor, but would really like to have it up front for a number of reasons.

    I know Bass Pro sells a bracket to allow mounting to the front handle, but I have heard they are not very good. I don't want to spend $400 on a bow mount motor right at the moment.
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    u could just clamp that bugger on, and try to work it, that will get u to start saving the money to buy a bow mount in a hurry!!:smile2:

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    Transom mount style doesn't work well on the bow, but they do work.

    One's I've done for myself were Minkota's and first thing I'd do is turn the handle to align with the motor.

    Then build an "L" bracket to hang it on the bow. When I did one for my pontoon, I put a "U-bolt" around the shaft and through the deck frame so when the force is aplied and the shaft wants to bend forward, it comes in contact with the "U-bolt" which is attached to the boat itself and pushes the boat forward without trying to twist off the "L" bracket.

    They do try to twist left and right when your turning and sometimes will come loose.
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    My friend, Fuzzface and I, made a bracket from 3/16" plate iron and fastened it to the back of his fiberglass boat as there was no way to mount it near the motor. We shaped ours in just a simple "L" shape and bolted the long part of the "L" to the fiberglass. Then we mounted two 3" X 6" pieces of wood on the short part of the "L" to fasten the trolling motor to. Works great. You would have to modify the bracket to make it like a stair step. The tread portion of the stair step would be bolted to the fron deck/seat of the jon boat, a riser would have to be high enough to clear the bow, then another tread to clear the front of the bow, then a smaller riser to fasten the trolling motor onto. Would help to have access to a cutting torch just to heat the metal so it will bend easily. Total cost would be about $5.00 to $6.00.
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    Awshucks is right. Make it out of 3/16 plate. First you want to turn the controller head 180. A fabricator buddie of mine turned me on to how to check out what you want..... Use card board for a template. I made a bow bracket for two boats....both of them were vee.... first, come down on and angle if that is what the inner surface is, about 3-4 inches on the inside. make a turn, so it is now flat, and then back maybe 1 inch, and 90 degrees up, where you now make another 90 that is going out over the bow... maybe 3-4 inches, and then another 90 degree bend down. The flat at the front, and the back should be parrallel. Check out the basics, you can always come back and add some gussetts or what ever they call stifeners.. Have some big access holes so that you can bolt it on.

    Sure, mine did move some.... had to tighten it up good.... The only problem is that it hangs out to the front when it is in the up position... kind of like a battering ram.... can get caught on a dock if you go straight in when docking..... "make a cardboad mock-up".... tape it together and take it to the man who will do the welding, or you do it! Go for it...
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    PM if you need some more info...
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