Mounted Catfish, who's does them best?

Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by JJHACK, Sep 9, 2005.


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    Catfish are a tough trophy to mount. Replicas are the only way to go. I'm not sure many Taxidermists do enough Cats to become Catfish experts. Have you seen a mounted catfish that was a great job? who did it?

    Please post photos of any mounted catfish you can find. I hate fish mounts that are bad, but I think really good fish mounts look awsome! I think a mounted catfish against a piece of driftwood is a great looking mount
  2. fwmud

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    The resident expert here(Nc) does great replicas of cats. he's the one who told me about catfish can't be mounted. because of their skin or something.

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    The taxidermist shop at the Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, Missouri does replica catfish mounts. I saw a blue cat and a flathead they did, and they looked great! The taxidermist shop is inside the outlet store there at BPS...which is located in a seperate building than the main the same parking lot.
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    A really good taxidermist can do a replica mount just by looking at several different photos with different angles. Also give as much details as possible such as weight,length,girth diameter,etc.
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    my friend who does a little bit of amatuer taxidermy told me that its very hard to do that on a catfish. part of the reason being that the way they do it just skin doesn't work well. there is an artist called McKinty's marine art i believe... up in PA that does replica mounts. they are fiberglass molds painted to look like your fish... actually when i talked w/ them this past january they were saying that they'd like to get a larger catfish to make a mold of so if you want you can send it up there w/ any pictures you have of the fish... i'll look to see if i have their card and post the info later...