Mountain Wine & BBQ Festival

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    I had the privilege of playing at a great Blues, BBQ, and Wine festival yesterday. It was put on by a guy who ran for congress a couple years age here in Virginia, Al Weed. He is a Special Ops veteran of Viet Nam and Bosnia. Al owns a vineyard, Mountain Cove Vineyards, way back up in the mountains near Charlottesville Va. It was really beautiful there. It was a perfect day, what they call a "Blue Bird Day" around here. The stage area is completely surrounded by high mountains and everything was in bloom. I met people from all over the place there; Washington DC, Richmond, West Virginia, Ohio, and Korea! Buck Mountain BBQ was grilling BBQ chicken, ribs, pulled pork, etc. and it was fantastic. There was wine tasting, (I didn't get to taste any yet since I was working but I will tonight!) and tours of the vineyard and winery. They had a huge grassy play area for the kids. There were hay rides and a few friendly critters for the kids to play with. When we had finished our last song, the owner of the BBQ place came down to the stage and offered us a HUGE pile of BBQ'd ribs, (these ain't your little OutBack style racks of ribs, these were huge half a hog size racks) if we would play three more tunes. Of course we obliged! All in all it was a great way to spend the day. We've been invited back to play another festival there later in the summer. I can't wait!
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    Sounds like a good time. Food, music and,,,ummmm can i have a bud-lite please?:smile2: