Mountain Island Tailrace summary for September 12 , 2009

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    Arrived at the location at 5:45 P.M. EST. Wind was nil , but they had the gates open and the water was rising fast. Baits were livers and cutbait. Water temp. was 75 degrees. For the previous 3 years , I'd been coming down here to no avail. Only caught 2 3 inch bream from here in that span of time. Little did I know tonight , it would all reach a crescendo. I became bored after 2 hours with no mercy from the current. I was about to go try to find a way to fish the area immediately above the dam. Began talking to myself about how I'd never seen anyone catch anything down there. I had my rod propped on a tree when those words crossed my lips - WHOOSH!! - the fish hit!! Luckily , I was using the Gamakatsu size 7 circles and for a moment , I thought the fish had escaped. It hadn't!! Turned out to be a 4 pound blue:cool2:!! With the acceleration of the bites , I decided to remain and caught a 1 pound blue which was released. Departed at 12:30 Sunday morning. All in all , I was always a believer in this area as a producer , but was less than enthusiastic about the lack of access to the slack area on the far side of the peninsula. Now , my theories concerning this area are proven , finally!!
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    sorry man, just trying to get 10 posts to access the library

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    Pretty funny

    Way to stay with it!!! You thought there might be fish there and stuck with it until you got paydirt. Nice. I've always had really good luck down there in the last few days of April. White bass, cats, and stripers all like the chicken livers and cut shad that time of year.

    Can u tell thats the only time of the year I get to fish down there?
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    you never know if you dont go, glad it worked for you