Mountain Island Low Water

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    went fishing saturday at mounton island lake there are afew hiden sand bars hit a cupple no damage to the boat fishing was not good daryel went too Idid not catch eney daryel cot Acuple small ones on sise 6 hok about 1 or 2 lbs. not much bot trafic saw Afew big ones on the fish finder there were sum bate but could not catch them with worms but that is what we cot the small cats on by 11 oclock it was geting to hot quit cald it A day can aney one give an idear where to fish this place thank you walter :embarassed:
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    Yep, we went out around 5:45 am. Put out 8 rods. 6 had bream heads and bream fillet. Two had night crawlers. I was hoping to catch a few fresh bream with the number 6 hooks. Hung a cat "Maybe 2 pounds" then hung another. Hung a 1 pounder and then a few small ones too little to even be called fish. Hung all on the crawlers. Note a bite on the cut bait.

    We drfited for the most part although we were not drifting much at all as there was no wind. The sky was cloudy until about 11:00, really nice until the Sun came out and then it got hotter than hades. We pulled out around noon.

    We fished a couple bends up river then fished the dam area. We caught the 2 pounders up river in a bend which was in about 20 feet of water.

    We saw a lot of big fish on the finder, some floating directly over the lines. Not sure if they were big cats or not. Not a nibble.

    Any tips For the future fishing at Mt Island?

    Daryel (The newbie)

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    Look on the NC board. I think there is a report or two there.