Mountain Island Lake

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    Just a quick fishing report-

    Hey everyone, I am new to your forum and I wanted to contribute for those of you fishing in Mountain Island.

    Fished Thursday evening 7 pm-10pm from my dock in Drake Cove. Live mudminnows on corks 1.5-2 feet deep in 4-7 feet of water. Caught a few small channels.

    Fished on the dock again Sunday Morning 5:30 am-10 am. Live small bream and mudminnows on corks (same as above) and bottom rigs. Caught 1 small flathead, few small channels 1-3 lbs, one blue around 5 lbs.

    Any idea where the fish are hanging now? Maybe the fish are up in the river for spawning still. Seems a little slow and fish seem small over the last few weeks. I should have my boat back from the mechanic this week. I will go chase them down I reckon.
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    Tommy, Wish I could help you out. I've only been out once in the last 7 weeks. I'm guessing that the spawn is still going and the fish have moved to the deeper waters with the heat wave.