Mountain Island Lake summary for August 21 , 2009

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    Charlotte , N.C
    Arrived around 9 P.M. EST under clear , starlit skies.
    Took my cousin and we fished from the pier and shore. Baits consisted of cut 6 month old crappie and livers. Wind was nil. Water resembled surface of telescope mirror. Bites were slow at first in 8 - 15 feet of water. Around 10:30 , he 'hooks' a juvenile channel which shakes off at shore. 15 minutes later , I caught another juvenile and threw it back to his chagrin.
    5 minutes later , on the crappie head , a rather large fish struck!! Fighting the fish , it goes beneath the pier and promptly snaps my rod , ruining my reel in situ. All in all , despite catching just 'preteen' cats , both of us had a good time. Utilizing advice from Mac , I purchased 8/0 Gamakatsu circles , which helped out in a major way , as I was distracted by several drunks yelling ethnic slurs at us. But like I said , we had a ball nonetheless , and I shall return this weekend. Either there or Badin. Most likely Badin.:cool2:!!