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    I've noticed there are questions about what type line we use on a regular basis and then we always get into the "pros" and "cons" of each type and tangles/backlashes/birds nests and that ball of @#$%^&* line that I had to usually the main subject. How many of you carry a small crochet hook (I think I spelled that right)?? That hook will reach into a ball of baler twine and untangle it. So if you don't want to cut that high priced line start carrying a hook, you might want your wife to pick it up for you, afterall I guy in bib overalls weighing 250# in the sewing department at Wally World will get a few strange stares. Besides you might take up crochetting to pass the time wait'in for that biggin.:rolleyes: :D
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    Hey!, thats a good idea. I never thought of that. Good post. ;)

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    Mountain Cur, that's a good idea, but I have always used a fish hook out of the tackle box for just that sort of occasion. I have used a fish hook to pick knots out of fishing line for years. Just last week my brother got a huge backlash in his 7000 ABU while snagging and was going to cut all the line off, so I stopped him and took a fish hook and picked it out. I have gotten good at picking out backlashes over the years. Especially since I'm the king of backlash and I always use a fish hook. Vern