Moultrie today: Left the Landing Net at Home

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    but it didn't matter. I fished hard for about 4 hours and only picked up 3 blue catfish, and not a one would be likely to break the 5# mark. Water temps 54-56 with a SW breeze, 70+ degree day; beautiful, but no fish. I looked for them in quite a few places, and just couldn't find any big fish. Quite a bit of bait in 45-50' of water, but they didn't seem to be too disturbed. :wink: I bought a dozen of those $2 herring, but only needed two for my trip.
    A lot of boats were out there on the open water; most were fishing the tournament, I guess, cause by 1600 there were a whole lot less boats around. I tried to stay well away from them, so as not to cast my unlucky shadow on any hard working tourney guys.
    At least I got on the water and fished; it's been a month since the last outing, and it was great. My daughter and her family were out on there boat also, and we got to chat it up some. :smile2:
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    Good report, Tommy. From the folks I have talked to today, I haven't heard of much being caught. I guess the fish are in transition from the very cold weather we had a few days back. Should pick up very soon though.

    Bill in SC


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    I looked lot of places also but for first time in long time 0 nothing skunked. Could find all the things were there should be fish but not bites. Nothing from 9 am to 2 pm but its was sure nice day on water. My wife and I had really great day. Next time we will get the fish.
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    Thanks for the update Tommy