Moultrie Report

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  1. Flatheadzz

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    North Carolina
    We started off with 6 fish early and then for most of the day the bite was slow. We caught them in 25 to 35 foot. Then some cloud cover come in and a very lite breeze and then we picked up 9 more in 5 to 20 foot. My father in law lost a nice one maybe 40+ pounds and had one almost ripped the rod out of my wifes hands but lost him too. We ended up with 15 from 2lbs to 28lbs. It was a nice day to be on the water though, I noticed alot of boats around the Bonnue area, I gues trying to find anther monster.
  2. pop pop

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    Lake Green
    Nice catch and thanks for the report. having a big fish get off is tough, but keeps us humble. I lost a monster today on Murray, but I'm thankful to have been there and felt his power. Good job.

  3. rivercatsc

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    David it is good to see ya are still hammering the fish. Congrats on the day and good to hear from you.