Moultrie 6/10

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    Just got back from our attempted fishing trip. Me and the wife got to Short stay around 8:30 and started bait fishing. We caught a few white perch and a bluegill and I figured we would leave the dock and go to the locks since I have gotten my bait permit. All the herring at the dam were extremely small and most fell through the net. Started to drift around the point at SS and had just started my second short drift when we caught a 4 pound blue that appeared to be full of eggs. Then came the rain. We went back to the dock and waited it out but when I went back down to attempt for more bait another storm was moving in, so I'm at home watching the late show. The blue we caught is still swimming so she can lay all those eggs. Oh well we will give the weekend a try. I caught a nice yellow perch but I'm hesitant to use them for cut bait cause I never do well with them, Has anyone done well with yellow perch?
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    Matt, I've never used the yellow perch, but I do know of some that have, and they seem to work ok. Maybe the weather will cooperate a little more on your next trip.

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    At least you are gettig to go!! :wink:

    I will not be able to make it back down until July 4th. Make sure you give me a "where to find them" report then, :cool2:
    Good luck this weekend and may the weather be on your side!!!
  4. I have caught a few flatheads on live yellow perch(i call 'em redfin)
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    Mark I am with you the flatheads seem to love them yellow perch.
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    I have used yellow perch and only seem to catch flatheads as well. Also as far as the hearing being small when ever I run into that problem I use a sabiki rig to fish for them and that seems to help keep the little ones to a minimum. I don't know if it is because the hooks are to big for the small ones or what but it does help. Hopefully the weather will work with you. Good luck.