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  1. coach

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    bob, wondering if u have had any dealings with the product motor silk????
  2. Bobpaul

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    No Steve, I've not heard of it. What's it do? Sounds like it might be a lubricant additive.

  3. davesoutfishing

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    MotorSilk™ Engine Oil Treatment is designed to extend the life and operating range of your engine. It blends with your existing engine oil and contains boron-based components that protect vital working parts from friction and corrosive elements.
    The main component of this blend is Boron CLS Bond™. Boron CLS Bond™ is a U.S. Patented ingredient whose basis was developed in U.S. Government laboratories. "MotorSilk™ Engine Oil Treatment" with Boron CLS Bond™ is many times slipperier than PTFE (Teflon) that is often found in engine oil additives.

    However. Motor Silk™, (aka Motorsilk™) with Boron CLS Bond™ is not an oil additive; rather, this advanced technology - developed at the Department of Energy at Argonne National Laboratories - creates a permanent Crystal Lattice Structure on all metal surfaces - 85% the hardness of a diamond - virtually eliminating friction and wear in fluid systems.

    The new surface also blocks oxygen to prevent corrosive activity. This micro-layer of protection is bonded to metal surfaces with strong covalent and ionic bonds (atomic and sub-atomic bonds). It provides a long-lasting, low-friction surface impervious to most contaminants. Most treatments last as long as the vehicle.
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    Not an additive but you add to your oil.Sounds like just high end advertising to me.I would just stick with a premium oil myself.Diluting your oil with an additive can defeat the purpose of the original formula.
    Just my take on it.
  5. jim

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    Very much like the claims made for the Blue Marble oil products from a few years ago,which was not an additive but an actual oil formulation (2Cycle).There are many such additives on the shelf at auto stores and Walmart for that matter.Totally agree if you want to add something then spend your money on premium oil,for your outboard or car.If it sounds to good to be true then it probably isn't,generally.