motor runs then dies

Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by Douglas Foster, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Douglas Foster

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    My fishing partner traded for a boat with a 81-84? 30 hp Mariner motor. The previous owner said the motor ran fine before he parked it 2 years earlier. It starts easily, but after it runs about 5 minutes, it sputters and dies. When it cools for a while, it restarts and runs 5 more minutes and dies again. The water pump seems to work as there is a stream of water coming out when the motor is running. We did notice ants coming out of the bottom of the motor the first time we started it. We would appreciate any suggestions on how to fix this or where to look first. Thanks, Doug
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    Sounds t me as though it is the fuel pump. What I would do is simple maintenance. First, I'd get the manual for that specific outboard. Second, I'd invest in 1 carburator repair kit for each carb, a fuel pump repair kit. I'd run a compression test of the engine, as it's actual condition is a great big unknown. Autozone would probably run one for free if you take the motor to the store... just leave it on the boat and drag it. Rebuild the carbs and fuel pump, get clean, fresh gasoline and read and preform all the checks the manual has for your motor. One of the most important is the link and sync calibration... this is like the timing on an auto engine. By the time you have accomplished this, you will have lost any fear you may have had about working on an outboard and decide that its not bad. Shucks, invest another $6.00 and replace all the rubber fuel line. By the time you get that done, you motor is gonna run like new and it will be time to hit the water.

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    You may want to make sure the primer bulb stays pumped up, it may not hold pressure. That was the problem I had on my boat, just replaced the bulb and fuel line and ran fine. Hope you get it fixed.
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    Any time you buy an engine that has sat for 2 years and you arent aware of the condition it was stored in then first. make sure all gass is removed from the carb and the lines. Do a compression check after squirting a little TCW-3 oil in each cylinder to keep it from moving on dry parts. Do a spark test.
    If it has sat 2 years a carb rebuild is a must if the carbs weren't drained.
    Don't never try to start one right up after setting that long. It may start but it will cost you in the long run.
    One of the most important things is to get a manuel to go by. You can check most of them out at the local library.
    One more thing be sure to change the water pump after you find out if the engine is worth keeping or not.