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Discussion in 'Boating' started by HoggyO, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. HoggyO

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    Hello Everyone,

    I bought a 14 foot Tri-hull from a guy at work, it has a older 50 h.p Johnson motor on it and it is way to loud, if I want to do some fishing or duck hunting there is no way I'll sneak up on anything!! My Question is this...If I was looking to buy a new motor to put on my Boat what size would do the trick? I dont plan on being speed racer, I just want to do some fishing, duck hunting, Any Suggestions?

    Thanks, Hoggy
  2. allworknofish

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    i assume you have a steering column on the boat. friend of mine had a 16 foot extra wide allweld with a 40 on the back and i saw no reason for it to be that big. it was plenty, if not too fast, for one person. perfect with 3 250lb guys. im like you though, just trying to fish, not speed race.:big_smile:

  3. Katmandeux

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    Checotah, Oklahoma
    If noise is an issue, you should consider four cycle motors.
  4. catfisher43

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    I have a 10 hp on my 16ft lowe,gets around plenty fast and does great on 2 cents worth.have a great day all.:cool2:
  5. waterwalker

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    I use a 25 hp four stroke, it is really quiet. It also saves alot of fuel.
  6. ncfowler

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    there are a few things i would look at befor i would put a new motor on any boat,
    1, the weight of the boat and what you are going to put inside of the boat will help, you could put a 3hp kicker on the Queen Mary but to what evail, the same to your boat being underpower will make it dificulte if not inpossible to get up on plane, Also you will be finding yourself running the motor at higher rpm causing a fule hog,
    2, Do your homework not all motors are create equal, for example all yahamas are saltwater ready, and some have a matinance programs that are unreal. also looke at the warranty on new motors.
    3, with the new epa laws and standards alot of the mfg have been making some real jumps in fule and emmisions, in both 4 and 2 cycles, Yes a 4 stroke is quiet and fule mizer it is also heaver by as much as 20% and need more manitance ie:eek:il changes. I have a yahama 75 Hp, 4 stroke and it counter part in 2 stroke is 80lbs lighter.
    4, Price do your shopping a leftover will save you a ton of money, and will have all the warranty with it. Call all your dealers and see what they have and deal and wheel. The price diffrent between a 50 hp to a 35 hp could be several hundred of dollars
    5, newer outboards are rated diffrent than older ones, Your older 50 hp may not be a 50 hp because of how they rated the hp at the time more likely it is some where around 40 hp or even a 35 hp,
    6, If today i was going to buy a motor knowing the age of your motor i would go within 15 hp Check your capasity plate for hp rating of your boat you may be topped out at 50 hp

    Good luck I hope This will give you some ideas and info.
  7. clintonhawg1

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    Well a 15 or 25 hp 4 stroke would be as quite as you could get . Sometimes you have check to make sure you even started it .And they would give you plenty of power .
  8. AwShucks

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    I would suggest the first thing you do is to look at your data plate, and if it is missing do everything you can to find a similar make/model and obtain that data. It is not funny to overload a boat in weight or horsepower. Either one could contribute to a long, long swim, if nothing worse. Don't exceed the safety limits. You may try a search on the web to find that information, or check with used boat dealers. But, I can't stress it enough, know your limitations. You must be duck hunting a different way than I'm used to... I believe it is still illegal in Oklahoma to shoot from a moving boat... we set up over decoys, so the motor is not an issue.