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    OK guys I seriously need your help...I just bought a "new to me" boat and the motor has some issues I was unaware of. Long story short it needs the following two parts. I am desperate to find them used off of a motor that isn't used anymore otherwise they are combined about 1000 bucks. Please help if you can. It is a 1998 Mercury Optimax 135hp
    The parts are an engine wiring harness (part number 850681A6) and and alternator (834832)
    Please help if you can. Much thanks.
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    Ok the wire harness you may want to check out some sites on line or even e-bay, now the alternator, check your phone book and see if there is a place that rebuilds them, it costs about 1/3 price of a new one, maybe even less, you may want to even check some auto parts store to see if they can send out the alternator for rebuild,