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    Mayfield, KY
    I may be in the market for a new(er) boat and motor towards the end of the year. I don't think I'll be able to go NEW but probably something from the year 2000 on up.

    I'm interested in some opinions on motors. I know some of this is personal preference but still would like to hear some thoughts. I'll be looking for something most likely in the 75HP to 115HP range. My main considerations are reliability, longevity, & fuel economy, so I'm thinking of the possibility of a 4 stroke. I really don't know much about them though. Will they last as long as a 2 stroke? How would the fuel economy differ from an optimax or the E-tec (although I've talked to a few unsatisfied customers)?

    Thanks for the help.
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    I don't own one but I am really impressed with what I read about the Etec motors. To me there is just something about a 2 stroke outboard that seems right. I know there will be a lot of different opinions given and from some experts but here goes anyway.

    I think I would go Nessan. I know guys that are running Nessan motors and they really abuse them. They just keep right on going. I'm impressed enough with their reliability that I'm seriously considering one for my next boat.

    Again I would go with Nessan and then OMC
    There are a ton of old OMC products still running the rivers. I have never heard of Nessan giving up the ghost either although I'm sure some have.

    Fuel economy:
    I would go with the Etec here.

    I would choose either the E-Tec or Nessan. My decision would probably depend on the service and dealers in my area.

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    Just can tell you my experience.

    First motor was a Evinrude 15 HP 2 stroke, used it 17 years... changed the plugs couple times, lower end oil several times. Still started and ran like new when I sold it.

    Next, Yamaha 85 HP 2 stroke... now 12 years old, never been touched other than changed the lower oil a few times... still starts and runs like new.

    Also now have a Mer 60 HP 4 stroke, had it going on 3 years. Giant improvement over 2 stroke as far as better fuel economy, better cold starting and quite! Don't think it will be as trouble free as a 2 stroke. Although it came with a 5 year warranty, the first 2 stroke had a year, the next had 2 years.
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    4 stoke merc is my opinion. I dont know about the area you live in but out here n the west coast we are having more areas go to 4 stroke only waters due to the fact they dont dump oil and garbage into the water. The 4 stroke is cleaner quieter fuel efficent but they are heavier a bit more to work on but with a good warrenty I wouldnt worry about repairs. I wont ever buy a 2 stroke engine again nor will I own anything but a merc. with the one exception of maybe a honda.
  5. Mr.T

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    I like my Yamaha 115 hp 4-stroke - just got it installed a few weeks ago to replace the 60 hp 4-stroke that came on the boat.

    At this point, I don't think there is a "bad" engine out there - all of the big manufacturers seem to have their act together. Suzuki is talked about highly as far as being the "best" 4-stroke on the market, and I'm certain it's the quietest. I personally think Evinrude is blowing a lot of marketing hype with their ETec engine - I saw the informercial on TV and the clamis they're making are just plain B.S. so I wouldn't buy one even if it they really are as good as they claim. Mercury has always been a good reliable engine -- my other boat has a 1994 200 Merc EFI on it and that engine started on the first crank after sitting in storage all winter. You can't beat that.

    I chose 4-stroke EFI because I think it's quieter and I'm certain it will start easier and more reliably in the cold - that's more a function of the EFI than anything though.

    As to the weight issue, there's very little difference in weight between most of the small and mid-range engines out there -- My Yamaha 115 4-stroke weighs a whopping 44 lbs more than the 2-stroke 115 (358 vs 402 lbs) -- so don't buy into the myth that 4-strokes are so much heavier than 2-strokes. Maybe in the high-end engines that's true, but not so much in the smaller ones.
  6. brad kilpatrick

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    Kansas City
    I've heard some nightmares about the etec so I personaly would stay away. Although i've never owned one I would have to consider a Honda I've never heard anything othere then praise for them. You can't hardly go wrong with a merc as well although mine is hard to start right now I'm sure its nothing big I'm gonna take it to the shop next week.
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    Jacksonville NC
    I have always been a Merucry man but readily admit there are many good engines out there.The new Merc Verados are the class of the 4 Stroke field right now and couple one of those with the new digital controls and you have gone to outboard heaven.Imagine just one electrical cable to the engine and you can do shift and throttle smooth as a babies butt.No "clunk" , no stiff cables all I can say is WOW.All engines are going to this for the future.I would have traded my 200 hp Optimax for a Verado allready except alas it is to heavy for my boats transom.4s are heavier than 2s no getting around it.Also the efi 2s like the optimax are just as fuel efficient as 4s in certain rpm ranges and the 2s have more torque at low end for better hole shots.We have purchased all E-Tecs for our Navy Small Boat Crew here at Camp Lejeune and so far have not had one problem.Doesn't mean we wont but not yet.Verado is coming out in lower hp versions this year down to 115 I think.:smile2:
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    I have been in the market for a new outboard myself. Currently I am running a johnson 90 2 stroke and boy does it like its gas. I have always had evinrude or johnson motors and have never had any problems out of them at all. replaced water pump on a 30 hp on my duck boat but that was my fault, sucked a bunch of mud up. As far as the new etechs I have friends that run them and love them and I have friends that run the Suzuki, both being 115, and they love them. Etech has a better warranty but in a way that tells me that they havent perfected them yet. Suzuki has a good warranty also, I think 3ys. After riding in boats with both motors I cant see any difference in acceleration, and top end isnt that noticable, as far as fuel economy i think the susuki does better than the etech but the etech has come a long way. Both are such an improvement over mine. I know 2 people that have new mercs and both are dissatisfied extremely. They both have had mechanical probs and are dissapointed with the fuel economy.
    I dont no if this will help ya or not but its the info i have gathered to try to help make my decision. I think I will probably look more into the price difference, at the time, to help make my decision.
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    Shane, in the nearly 30 years of boat owner experience that I have ,I have owned 4 different brands of motors. All of them have been good to very good. I believe in new hi-tech equipment but I usually wait a couple of years or so for the mfg. to get the bugs out. What I have been hearing and reading about the E-Tech is that they are expensive and have some problems. The word on the 4 strokes is good but maintenance is a little spendy on some models. Check these things out before you buy
    Right now I own a 90 HP 2 stroke Yamaha. I believe it is the best motor I have ever owned. Starts quickly,runs fairly quiet and is great on gas.
    Boat motors are like Ford and Chevy trucks. Everyone knows about good ones.Everyone knows about bad ones.

    whatever it takes

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    They are all so close to each other that just about any of them you'll see very little difference in. What affected my decision was having a dealer close by that could service it and the obvious cost. Theres alot to keep in mind when talking about fuel efficiency. My last boat was severely underpowered and it made up for it in gas. The cost could of bought the outboard (40hp) in the long run of running it. The boat i have now was rated for a 90hp. I really had to bite the bullet and sacrifice to buy that engine and its burning about the same amount of fuel if not less as the 28 on my last boat. We make a 7 mile run out of mckellar, run i'd say 5 miles south, move and fish all day and burn less than 5 gallons of gas. Just something to keep in mind. Hope this helps.
  11. Majesticman

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    I have a Yamaha 90 4-stroke and I get about 4 times better mileage than my old Yamaha 70 2-stroke. I had to fill it every weekend and mix the oil all a big hassle.

    The 90 gets filled about once a month. It purrs like a kitten and started first time this year as fast as it starts when it is warm. (Instantly) I can troll along with no shaking, smelling 2-stroke oil, or loudness.

    The main reason I bought it was when I read an article that said 2 strokes dump 10 to 20 percent though the exhaust unburned. I feel I am doing my part to save our resources. They say in 2010 the emissions laws will shut down the sales of the old style 2 strokes but I don't know about the etech or the new technology motors.

    I too believe the Etech is blowing wind about the maintenance and repair problems with 4 strokes. If checking or changing the oil is a problem so be it because it is worth it.

    I had to save an extra 2 years to get the motor but it should be the last one I buy in my life. I just about backed out but I'm glad I didn't. By the way look at the Honda. I would have bought one if they were sold locally.