Most recomended time to fish this time of year, in october???

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Montgomery, Oct 2, 2006.

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    well i am new. and just really getting into catfishing . being as though its october and cold anymore. what time of day do people recomend . for the best chances at catching catfish. and shou7ld i be looking in rivers, or maybe i would have better luck in a gravle pit. or maybe a lake . i really need help. i have been skuncked for like 3 months now. cought a few in spring. most in a pay lake. all on shrimp. but i cant even get a run. not only no fish. but i havent even had the chace to set a hook. just nothing. i have try'ed many river spots. pay lake, gravel pits, ponds. i just started useing cut bait. i go catch some bluegills, or buy some frozen shad or cubs. use them alive, dead cut. whole dead. nothing works for me. any advice for a frusatrated about to stop fishing guy,. lol
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    I, too, just started catfishing pretty recently (maybe 2 months ago). I started out buying nightcrawlers, but my singlemost important purchase since I started has got to be my castnet. I got a 4 foot diameter nylon net--the smaller the easier to learn. It took a few trips to get it down, but I'm confident enough with it now that I'll go out without any backup bait. Fresh shad pretty much can't be beat. The smaller ones (~3 inches) can be fished whole or cut them in half and fish with the head half and the larger ones can be cut into several pieces (toss the tail--it's not much good). Also, when I started out I was using a hook, splitshot, and bobber...this was a fatal blunder...get that bait down deep with a carolina rig. Just a few tips from one beginner to another. Good luck to you.

    edit: it's going to be 95* tomorrow here in Arkansas, so I can't really relate to the cold weather...I'm still fishing from dusk til 10 or 11 (depending on how they're biting).

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    Booneville AR
    welcome to the hood..on the fishing go to the library there is some good tips on bait preference. strategy and technicque. Good Luck and don't give up:crazy:
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    Poteau ok
    Mike,anytimes a good time fer fishin,Big Sam hit it on the head,lots a good info all over this place.My best times starts about now thru Jan.Good luck:cool2:
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    Fish the bottom, its where they hide. I too use shrimp but I let em mingle outside and get a little fishy before I use em, they seem to hit it like its goin out of style. Chicken liver is also like candy to a cat. I also recommend a varity of bait. Cast out two different baits and see what they are in the mood for.

    When I go I take at least 5 different baits: Nightcrawlers, Premo Blood dip bait, Shrimp, Hot dogs soaked in koolaid, chicken livers, or whatever I can get my hands on.

    Also check and see if where you fish is maybe overfished, try to find some fresh water. I like to hit the water either early as I can or late at night (bout 10pm).

    This may sound silly but make a log of where you caught the fish, what lake, what time, what bait, and see whats workin.
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    Sam Arkie Is Right. Fresh Cut Shad Is The Best Bait You Can The Spring Fish Are Feeding Constantly Much Lke They Do In The Fall. In The Summer The Fish Are Deep But When The Water Temp Cools Tothe Mid To Low 60s They Move Shallow. If You Have Been Fishing Shallow That Explains The Lack Bites.this Fall Fish Down River And Not Too Deep.only Fish 1 Hour In Aspot. Ifyou Dont Get A Hit Move.