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    Ok. Here is what is going to happen....he is going to start the transfusion process. Saturday he is going to start 9 days of very intense chemo....then he will get an infusion of stem cells harvested from his dad last month. a week after that his dad is going to be hooked up to a machine and they will harvest NK cells (killer cells). The day after they harvest them, they will transfuse them to Ethan. After that it is a pray and wait situation to see if the cells will blend together. This is an experimental procedure, Ethan is only the 8th person in the world to have this done and the odds are not good. Out of the previous 7 that had the transfusion, ZERO have survived....most replapse within 3 months.

    SO that is it. THis is it. No marrow donor was found. There is a site where YOu can make a wish there and ppl vote or even donate to your wish, if you win you get your wish, if you dont and ppl did donate, you get that amount donated. The Prayer Warriors are going to have a wish posted sometime this weeked for Ben. Ben updates ethans site multiple times daily. There is something Ben needs more than anything and he has given me and the prayer warriors to post the wish from the prayer warriors for Ben in hopes it will come true. I cant say what it is untl it is officially posted (because ben does not want any ONE person buying this for him.....he has only asked for prayers...never hand outs) out of respect...i cant say what the wish is. Originally it was a wish for cell phone minutes and a prepaid cell phone...but we have that taken care of. So Ben told me EXACTLY what he needs.

    When the wish is posted officially for vote...i will post the link and wish # so that every one can vote or donate as they wish. The wish will be posted every week until it is the winner. Please continue to pray...
    go to ETHANPOWELL.COM and read this story. IF you have ever doubted the power of is the proof that it does work. Also if you go to the site, sign the MAP so we can see who is praying and where.

    More updates as I get them!
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    Amanda and family,

    Although I have not been posting like I should have been, Me and my family have had all of ya'll in our prayers. As we will continue to do so.

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    GC, OHIO
    Thanks for the update, prayers will continue to be sent.
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    As I have said before,this praying for Ethan has become ritualistic for me,that Baby's picture is on my computer.Prayer moves Mountains especially when there is no doubt involved.All I can say to everyone out there is when ya all pray expect good BELIEVE good will come from it,the Bible says so and I believe the Bible as a matter of fact every word of it.Bless his Heart and Soul!!! This little guy has been through some very tough times and the amazing this,he is still on this earth,I believe with God's help Ethan is going to beat this,Amanda Bless your heart,I thank you for everything you are doing and keeping the BOC informed,you are a real peach!! May God Richly Bless you and yours!!--------Sister Pat:big_smile::big_smile::big_smile:
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    Continued Prayers for Ethan, are sent from Illinois. God is in the Prayer answering business. He know right where you are at and hears your cries. It becomes a Miracle when man can do no more and we completely turn it over to God. I am Praying for a Miracle for Ethan, and that God will wrap his arms of comfort around you.
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    Thanks for the update, prayers sent from Mo.
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    Greenup Co. KY
    Thought And Prayers sent from KY!!!
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    May the Lord continue to watch over Ethan and bless him as only He can. May He also give us an ever stronger faith in His ablility to conquer this sickness and bring the entire family through this ordeal. Amen.
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    We will continue to keep young Ethan in our prayers here in the Blue Ridge. It is a shame to see a young one have to suffer breaks your heart. :cry:
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    Napoleon, Mo.
    Prayers still goin your way.