Most fun fishing i've ever had.

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    i usually dont fish during mid-day in the summer because its always near 100, but went today anyways. I stuck my 10ft jon boat in this little lake, named cedar lake i think. it couldnt have been more than 25 acres. I forgot my minnow bag in the drive way(nasty boiled mess when i got home) and my fishing rod too. I know what your thinking, how do you go fishing and forget your rod! I did feel like shoving the boat in the truck again so i dug in the tool box to try and find something to use. i found 8 green and white mister twisters and a few jig heads in the tool box to the truck, and i had a 4 1/2ft rod with a reel small enough to put in your mouth, strung with 2lb test in the tool box too(bait rod). So after finding my stuff i head out on the water. I only fished for 3 hours and caught 46 paper mouths, the biggest being a little over 2lbs. Boy was it fun on that little rod!
    heres a picture of one i caught. A nice old lady was sight seeing and taking pictures with one of those printing cameras, and asked me if i wanted a picture of a fish. The picture is a picture i took of the picture with my phone.
    It was a nice catching all these fish. enjoy the rest of your day:big_smile:

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