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    I know this is not a smoke pole question but I need some info.

    My Bros. brother-in-law gave my son (9) a Mossy 5500 shotgun with the stipulation that he doesn't actually get his hands on it until he passes the DNR's Hunter safety course. Does anyone know much about this particular shotgun. It says 2 3/4" non-magnum shells only. Pretty gun but it doesn't want to feed shells from the mag each time. I may have to take it to a gun smith and have it worked over or trade it in for him on a youth model 500 or an 870. I think a 12ga. Auto is just a little much for a 9-10yr old. It might be a year before he is ready to take the test. It's so dang heavy that I had to hold up the front end for him to shoot it. 20's are much lighter and don't have near the recoil but will get the job done quite effectively.
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    Rob, welcome to the BOC. First there are several things that auto's have problems with first and formost is dirt. You may want to break it down and do a complete cleaning on it before you take it to a gunsmith. My uncle got a REM. 8700 in co. for $100 dollars on the spot because the guy was having problems with it feeding. Viola what ya know a good cleaning job and he hasn't had a jam or any other problem with it in the last 2 years.

    As far as thw weight goes for the little guy the one thing i would do is get a shorter barrel. A longer barrel just adds weight. another option to look at may be also look at getting a shorter stalk for the gun. that mossy may fit you fine but for a 9-10 y/o may be a bit too big.

    These are just a couple of things to think about and look into if you want. and great looking out on having the your son take the hunters ed course. but you can take him out and teach him the basics also and help him get comfortable before he even takes a course. Not mentin this is some great quality time you can spend with him and memories that neither one of you will ever forget.