Mosquito Tea

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    It's that time of the year! Works for Me. Recipe for Mosquito Tea

    1------Cup Tobacco Brew

    1------Cup Listerine Mouth Wash

    1------Cup Dish Soap

    Tobacco Brew is made by brewing ½ a package of chewing tobacco in 1 gallon of water until the color and flavor are leached out of the tobacco. Boil it good and cool it then strain out the leaves thru a cloth (old tea shirt) pour into a used gallon jug. Should make a gallon of brew.

    In a 2 gallon sprayer use 1 cup of each ingredient. And finish filling Sprayer with water. Spray the yard, flowers, trees, house foundation, It will not hurt your plants or animals other that it might stain your white dog.

    This works well around Rabbit Cages, dog pens, yard ants, Don’t know about cock roaches. (they’ed probably grow on it) The guy that gave this to me sprays with it behind his tractor with a boom sprayer. Anyway try it if you want to. Don’t really cost much and it works