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Mosquito Lake Flatheads

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Hey Guys


We have not seen any of the old faces from this area. I headed out tonight to see if any Tabby Cats are in this lake fer me.

"Join in the pursuit"!
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Howd you do at Misquito I fish there all the time. There are some big flatheads out there.
In fact last week I was at the King Kat and a few people from around the country mentioned they'd either heard or thought a future flathead head record will come out of Misquito.

I'm going out tomarrow night drifting for flat at Misquito

I'll let you know how we do
I still have not been able to get any Flats out of a lake. Last Year in August I went there 2 times and this time also I got notta :cursing: ! I kow better when the water is warm that I should be using Bullheads instead of the Gills for better action on the live bait.

I'll be back but it takes me just as long to hit Tappen which I've also not been able to do any good at.

Next spring I'd like to hit Salt Fork where a few of the guys have been doing ok pre-spawn. That is IF any would want to help me out there.

baitkiller ther are reports coming in that they are catching some nice flatheads at salt fork around the beach area,just the past few weeks and they are supposed to be still hitting live chubs and gills

Thanks, I was not hearing anthing on any of Ohio Lakes in the S. E. or much of anywhere else. Normally I fish the Ohio River but want to LEARN the lakes also just to be a well rounded Flatheader :rolleyes: !

Right now I'm just getting started trucking and I'm outta State and do not get the time as much to fish :eek: . Like right now I'm in Missoula, MT ;) .

"Join in the pursuit"!

I went out on Misquito last night caught a 4 nice channels but no flats.

Going again next Sat I'll let you know how we do :cool:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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