mosin carbine m44 rifle?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by Bayoubear, Dec 3, 2005.

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    The 7.62 x 54R round it takes is an okay deer round and for the price its not bad. I'd check the proof marks and serial numbers and find out where/when it was made. A very common rifle used by many communist armies and manufactured under license by some outside of russia. M44's made by the Tula arsenal are rare and if this one was u may be able to resell it to a collector for a small profit.

    Dont count on it being a tack-driver. Make sure the bore is clean and shiny and the parts all fit tightly however its likely to have had a long service life so i wouldnt trust it for long range shooting. I'd get a recent copy of "shotgun news" from your local bookstore and check the prices in there. I think you can do a little better than 120 bucks but if the rifle's in good shape i'd say go for it. Ammo is cheap, will make a fun gun to shoot beer cans with and you'll own a piece of history too.
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    I bought a similar M28 in 7.62x54R several years ago for $49.00 It is a nice rifle but too heavy to hunt with. I sporterized it and it was still too heavy and not very acurrate but would do the job inside 100 yards even without a scope. The reciever would have to be drilled and tapped to accept a scope mount if you desired it. Like Bear said, it is a cool piece of history but a little high in price.

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    Way to High in price you can get your Curios and Relics licenses from the Bureau of Tobacco and fire arms and then go to places like Southern Ohio Gun or AIM on the web and get them really cheap. I have all three killed a deer with mine with open sights at 300 yards. Don't pay that price if you need help with the C&R application give me a PM and I will do my best to help you its really easy and you will have it for 2 yrs. without having to renew it. Then you can buy all the WWII rifles you want for way cheaper than that. Check it out. Man you can get some hand picked for an extra $10.00 or you can get on that hasnt seen the light of day since it was packed and wrapped and put in a cave in Russia the choice is all yours. Some are better than others I would suggest if you go this route that you allways purchase collectors grade rifles and you wont have a problem at least I havent. Oh by the way the deer in My profile pic was killed with one and he didnt have a chance to go anywhere. I have killed a total of three deer with mine in all and that one and one other smaller buck fell in there tracks.
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    We built one last year. Sniper model Rifle was $60, sling $20, 400 rounds $40, eye relief scope $30, scope mount no tap kit $25, butt pad $8, cleaning rod $5, authentic cleaning kit $15. with bayonet to poke the eye make sure they are dead. Real heavy but lays good on the window sill. KILLED FIVE AND THEY ALL TASTE GREAT!