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    Dang that JW must be one heck of a busy guy.
    I'm just not sure where he finds the time...
    Shriek, BassHeart and now The CatFarmer!
    (I wonder how many other films he's been in that we have yet to discover?)

    Shoot, between his ballet lessons and helping his neighbor putting a fresh coat of pink paint on his bass boat, he just can't have THAT MUCH free time on his hands! ... Yet somehow he continues to be found acting on the Big screen.

    I found this film at a Yard Sale this week. The guy selling it told me that he had bought it thinking that it was going to be a movie about Catfishing. He was later disappointed to find out that it was a movie about a farmer from Kentucky that only wished he could go fishing.

    Oh ya, he also said that he had a hard time understanding the main character when he talked. ... said something like, "the guy mummbled when he talked like he had a hand full of Twinkies in his mouth."


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    You must wanna be laying next to subnetzero after they get done with you...:crazy::roll_eyes::lol::lol::lol:

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    If ya dont make it back from the gathering---we will know why!!:lol: