More Info on Dunkard Creek fish kill

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    First off this is very sad. It hurts me very deeply, a tragic and usless environmental mess.

    In yesterdays Morgantown newspaper, The Dominion Post (which is not available on line), There is an article by Tracy Eddy. This is a brief summery of that article.

    The article states that the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) hypothesis that the cause of the fish kill is pollutant coming from a outlet pipe at the Blaksville No. 2 mine operated by CONSOL. They are waiting for more test results, but the spokeswoman for the DEP, Kathy Cosco stated this.

    The article go on the state that both the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources, Department of Environmental Protection, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the Federal EPA are all working on the situation. The WV DNR is taking fish samples all along the creek and says a 20 mile stretch of the creek is affected.

    Billy Craig, a board member of the Mount Morris Sportsman's Club in Pennsylvania said the club has taken water samples on several different days and has also sent them to an independent lab.

    CONSOL is cooperating, according to the WV DEP. Production at Blacksville No. 2 mine resumed in late August after being idle of about two months.

    The article makes a few more quotes, but this is the meat of it. Just a very sad, sad, situation. The almost complete destruction of a great, actually, fantastic, natural fishery.
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    WV needs to send a harsh message to Consol and slap an enormous fine on them or shut the mine down til the problem is resolved. This kind of fish kill is senseless. The muskie population alone is descimated and will take years to recover if at all. I am angry:0a6::0a6: