More Depth Finder trouble

Discussion in 'Other Repairs' started by Wally, Jul 1, 2006.

  1. Wally

    Wally New Member

    1995 Humminbird (I thought it was humminGbird) Wide version.

    When the unit powers up, it runs for about 30 seconds then shuts down.

    What have I done wrong ????:crazy:
  2. DeerHunter01

    DeerHunter01 New Member

    Wally you have a unit that is 11 years old going on 12, if you want to keep it you need to send it back to huminbird and ask them to fish it, It could be that the unit is shorting out on you, sometimes the company's will take them back and fix them for like 100.00 or so. It maybe best to just purchase a new unit at this stage and then you will get the updates with it. If I was you you should take to Pete Kildow he could help you out some here.

  3. jlingle

    jlingle New Member

    Altus, Okl
    Walter, I had one like that & had the same trouble. I had a bad power connection. Reconnected my wiring and cleaned things up a little on the hotwire end, and shazam. Worked like a champ after that.
  4. SeedTick

    SeedTick New Member

    Conway Arkansas

    Wally, What jlingle said. You've probably already tried the easy stuff but I'll throw another one out for you. Check your ground. I don't know how many times I've had electrical problems on all the old trucks I've driven and all the old boats I've had but more often than not it is a faulty ground somewhere. One thing you have in your favor, it sounds like it is happening the same way every time. Twelve volt electrical systems with intermittent problems will drive you crazy. Good luck.