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    Cobden Il.
    I got a cricket keeper thingy for Christmas and wanted to use it so I caught about 20 grasshoppers and put them in there. I was loading the car with my stuff and put in a chair, one of those white plastic outside type deals, a couple orange dranks and a small bag of Doritos, skeeter repellant, geography book for reading and finally my tackle box and rod&reels. My 8 footer wont go in my Tracker at all. I tried several ways and noda. So, I desided to let it hang out the window like so many do. And off to the lake I go. A new lake for me this time, it is like a reservor with a huge levee around one side and this is what I got to climb with all my stuff. I start with my chair and my tackle box then move on to the drinks and rods&reels. After 2 trips up this almost verticle 50ft climb I aint go back for my book. I catch my breath and start baiting up with the hoppers. The hoppers are ready to come out faster than I want them to so I am putting 3 at a time on my hook. I cast out and 1 comes off mid flight and I say to myself at least 2 are still on.The cast is great, that new rod is a dream and coupled with my Zebco733 it casts way out there even into the wind. After a while the wind is blowing hard and the waves are splashing me good. I reel in to check my bait and they are all I rebait and start again. I am getting cold now so I reel in and no hoppers. I am getting upset with them. I try hooking some in different ways to see what stays on longer. None worked. I finally run out of bait so I start home. This time 1 trip to the car. I carry it all down the levee half sliding. I was loving the rod but hating the grasshoppers. Anyway, next time I am going with worms or stank bait.
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    ROFLOL..DUDE I have so been there....Glad ya made it back alive...and Thanks for the laugh....I needed that.
    Peace and Plenty