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    I may be going this sunday and have never been there before. I was invited by a freind who i renting a boat this weekend and i will probably be going. I am not sure what we wil fishing for so any tips on fishing any fish will be greatly appreciated.
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    Never fished Moraine bigpapai ....

    but this is a species list form the State Park site ...

    Native to the Lake :

    Northern Pike , LM Bass , Black Crappie , Bluegill

    Stocked by the Fish Commission :

    Musky , Walleye , Channel Cats , Hybrid Striped Bass

    so you best bet is to bring an assorment ... of lures and or baits

    any of your Bass lures will work for the Bass and Stripers ... look for them in heavy cover areas , drop offs and around docks or structure ...

    Walleye prefer deep cool areas ... use some Rapalas that will dive , smithwick Rouge work well .... as do Erie Dearie tipped with nitewalkers ....

    Musky like BIG lures ... the BIGGER the better ... these guys are hard to catch ....

    Black Crappie will take your smaller jigs , grubs or live minnows or worms ...
    fish near structure just like a Bass ...

    Bluegills probaly can be found anywhere at any depth .... a nitewalker under a bobber with a number 6 hook is what i use ....

    Northern Pike ... are predator fish .... they will eat just about anything ... thou I have never caught one ....

    good luck and give us a report when you come back ....

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    Laceyville, PA
    I should add that Moranie State Park has specific rules for fishing ...

    see the STATE PARK link in the PA agencies section ...

    follow this to the Moraine State Park thread to see those rules ...
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    Moriane hold no flats at all I think. From what I here atleast when I stop in at the bait shop 510 bridge I wana says that the bridges name. They will usually slay the cats on shiners and worms. My advice would be to go down later in the day lots lots of boat traffic. Also there a couple sets of railroad tracks that are super deep. When they came back in and really flooded it. Also there's on section that there are about 10 billion X-mas trees.

    Another thing is. Make sure you are all up to snuff with your liscene and if your gonna take fish. Because I honestly think just over half of the wardens are up there. Specially on a weekend like this on of the last big weekend for boating.

    Good luck if you have any questions post them.

    BTW- IF you happen to fish in a boat I would drift fish the 510 bridge for sure. I know people they have caught 100's of crappie drifting that area. They usually hang a couple of laterns over the side of the boat too, attracts the minnies crappie should be there then

    Good luck