Moon phases affecting flathead catfish movement

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by FlatGetter, Mar 8, 2006.

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    I heared different times that moon phases affected alot of fish and animals. We keep records of flatheads being caught in a notebook and I went back and looked at the good nights and looked what phase it was in on the calander , it was spread out, I did'nt notice two good nights being the same phase. I've heard the first couple days before and after the full moon is the best time. Does anyone know how the phases affect flatheads?
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    there are some that may dissagree with me, but my personal observations and dates on the photos of my big fish tell me the biggest of the big will feed every new moon and full moon period. weather factors (barometor levels, rising/falling) that are unfavorable will nullify the lunar/solar effects though. just because its a new/full moon doesnt mean its good fishing. you have to consider everything.

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    I have made in depth posts on this in the past. One thing that I think skews the observations of fishermen is that many who believe the full moon is the best time will fish more when there is a full moon. Obviously, the more you fish the more increased your odds are of catching something.

    My records have shown an increased catch the week after the full moon, but what skews my records is that the majority of the days fished were during daylight hours. Perhaps I would have caught more at night during a full moon? Who knows?!?! This summer I plan to document the full moon a little better with some night trips on the full moon.
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    Hey man i have heard the same thing about hunting, fishing and a lot more lol i havent really relied on that source much but i do know u dont need many lights w/ a full moon!!!!
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    I prefer a new moon, hands down. I tend to think that the darkness increases there chances of catching bait during the hunt.
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    Everything that I have read concerning this matter says that the 3 days before a full moon and the 3 days after a full moon are the best fishing times as well as the 3 days before and after the dark moon. Weather & water conditions however play a large part in the mix of things!
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    Do the phases of the Moon really affect whether fish will bite or not?
    We always say that fishing is best when the Moon is between new and full. We also suggest that you go fishing when the breeze is from the west. Another sure time is one hour before or after high or low tide (inland times for high tides correspond to when the Moon is due south, and low tides are halfway between high tides).

    i found this on a old farmers almanac so it can't be wrong.:)