Moon Phase - Effects on catfishing

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    Ok folks, I've been a diehard bass fisherman for the last 30 years, with a little catfish'n on the side, but as I get older I've seen the error of my ways and this year plan on do'n mostly catfish'n.Mostly on the Arkansas River. I've night fished a lot for bass and have found that the full moon is best followed by the new moon and the all the rest. How does the moon and the catfish bite relate to you. I used to trotline a lot as a kid with my grandpaw and he always wanted to fish the 3 days before the last quarter of the moon, don't know why, he just said it was the best time to go. Worked for him, but I think he could've caught'em anytime. I know the best time to go is when ever you can, but if you could pick a moon phase to go on when would it be?
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    I Noticed Last Year That I Did Best During The Time Frame Of 3 Days Before Or After The New Moon.

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    New moon, or darkest nights are best for me when presenting baits on the bottom, if the moon is full and casting shadows I fish near the surface to better success.

    Air pressure is related and have seen many cats on the sounder sitting mid water during heavy rain and wind!!!

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    Never Did Have Much Luck With A Full Moon. Just Didn't Seemto Want To Bite. No Matter What We Used. Maybe We Were Using Wrong Bait. Stink Bait ,worms ,live Bait, Liver What Else Is There Besides Dynamite And I Do Believe They Might Frown On That Type Bait. Any Suggestions On The Full Moon Fishing?
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    same here, new moon is best. full is a close second.
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    A bright full moon is good for one thing; being able to see your rod tips at night!

    All last year my fishing logs showed poor fishing during daylight hours in and around the full moon and I theorized that the bite must be better at night on a full or bright moon.

    This morning I caught 25 channel cats in four hours, my best morning so far, and the full moon was two days ago and it was bright as can be last night and I was fishing from 7:30am-10:30am.

    So much for that theory.

    My logs are fairly specific and they account for moon and weather conditions like the barometer. The only thing I have seen so far is that a falling or steady barometer after falling has been associated with an increased bite, but that also depends on the time of day fished.

    The only thing that would make any sense is the brightness affecting the bite, because the gravitational pull of the moon is the same whether it is brightly lit or completely dark. If that is true, then does that mean on a cloudy night the full moon has no affect?

    Tons of legend and lore surround hunting and fishing and the full moon. There is always some truth in the legend, but I would not schedule my fishing trips around the lunar cycle!! My biggest deer ever killed was killed on a full moon, but I did not know the moon was full until the clouds parted and the snow stopped that night!

    Everyone talks about "catching the big on a full moon", but they seldom talk about getting skunked on a full moon.

    Honestly, I don't think it plays a part, and I have seen no scientific research that proves that a full moon significantly affects the fish bite. I think if you could fish 24 hours a day, no matter what the moon conditions, you would see certain periods where fish bite better than others during a bright moon and a dark moon.
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    i've never noticed any corrilation to the moon's fullness showing to my catching fish... i don't usually pay attention to that when im fishing... if i get time i go out fishing... if i get bites i get bites, if i don't i don't... just happens... i guess if i did pay attention to the moon i could find a pattern but don't have the desire to at all... my thought is if im fishing at night its much better to just enjoy the night rather then worry about particulars... if its good enough weather to be fishing in then it'll be a good night fishing weather it turns into a night of catching or not